Thoughts for this Holy Week coming…


Those of us who follow the Christian Calendar year are going to be busy this coming week. Sunday is the Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday). On this day, those of us who confess Christ as Lord and Savior are confronted with hypocrisy in our own lives. How many of us praise Jesus (“Hosanna!”) one week, and shout “Crucify Him!” the next? Then we have Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, and Holy Wednesday, days to reflect on Lent and prepare ourselves for the rest of the week. Maundy Thursday puts us at the last supper, and Christ in the garden. Do we sleep when Christ asks us to be in His service? Good Friday follows. Someone once told me that they hated Good Friday, because it was so solemn. How can anyone hate Good Friday? Without Good Friday, we can never have the joys of Easter. Yes, Good Friday is solemn. It is meant to be. But it is a solemness that anticipates the joys of resurrection.

Then Saturday – one more day to reflect before Easter. Consider Christ’s decent into hell to set the captives free. Then we have Easter: that day that affirms our faith, that day that Christ gloriously anticipated. Christ is risen, risen indeed! We serve a risen Savior, one who gives us peace and joy. Praise Him this holy week.


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