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Our church has a Palm Sunday tradition: we dance around in the aisles, wave our arms and our palm brances, and jubilantly sing “Lord of the Dance” (here’s a link to info about the song). If I had to pick my favorite time in the entire Christian calendar, it might be this particular moment (partly […]

Those of us who follow the Christian Calendar year are going to be busy this coming week. Sunday is the Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday). On this day, those of us who confess Christ as Lord and Savior are confronted with hypocrisy in our own lives. How many of us praise Jesus (“Hosanna!”) one week, and […]

The other day, someone told me that they attend a church were little time is spent on “theologians and other such types”; he said that those at this particular church “simply take the Bible for what it says.” Can you see the implications here? I inferred from this statement that this person (and his church) […]